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Schöne Neue Welt

Data is the currency of the 21st century. Some speak of the golden age of knowledge, others of total surveillance. Nevertheless, progress is faster and faster and people must somehow keep up - both an opportunity and a challenge.

Digitalisation has an impact on people as well as on many areas of everyday life. However, this reality has not yet convinced everyone. The consequences of technological progress are unpredictable and cause discomfort for many people. Health and jobs could be at risk The freedom of the individual is also threatened. More and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on digital technology, which will lead to chaos if it collapses. The digital age is always progressing unchecked.

Despite scepticism, digitalization has long since reached everyone. Public life demands a certain interaction with technologies in order to be able to participate at all. Everywhere, people unconsciously come into contact with "measuring devices" that analyze interaction and communication behaviour. Soon, cryptic data sets will mutate into mathematical formulas that predict human action.

Machines seem to be able to control people more than they want. Conversely, humans try to act self-determined with technology at all possible levels.

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